Anika's story

Anika was born as a healthy, strong baby, with good reflexes and the highest score (10). It couldn’t have been any better. However, during the regular 5-weeks postnatal medical checkup, her reflexes were tested again and the parents noticed that her reactions were not as strong as before. A couple of days later they decided to go to the hospital for a more thorough checkup. After two weeks of diagnostic tests, such as MRI, brain scan, different metabolic and genetic analyses, Anika got a diagnosis, which her parents have never heard of before. It was Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 1 (the most severe form), which is a rare, progressive and terminal neuromuscular disease, affecting 1 in 10.000 babies. Most of the babies with SMA type 1 do not survive until their first birthday and almost none until the second. 

Anika with her parents Ivanka and Goran Manic